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The following information and chronology has been supplied by various members of the Appreciation Society.  Their help and input has been gratefully received and very much appreciated.

The original club started sometime in 1964 and the first secretary was called Jacqueline.  She ran the club until July 1967.  The next secretary was Lorraine Stardust who ran the club from July 1967 until January 1968.  Pat Williams was the next person to take over.  Pat became Dec's secretary when she handed the club over to Jenny Pickering, around about 1974. 

One of the original club members, Ailsa, has kindly supplied the following information.  Her first membership card started in July 1964, when the address of the club was 58 Wardour Street London.  By 1965 it had moved to 73-75 New Oxford Street, and in 1968 the address changed to 58/59 Great Marlborough Street, and the membership cards had a nice photograph on them.  In 1973 the address was Piccadilly House 33 Lower Regent Street London, and in 1974 it changed again to 74 Linkside Road Liverpool, until 1978 when Linda Keane took over. 

The current secretary Lynne Hayes who joined the club in 1970, has also supplied the following details from this time.  Pat Wiliams was the secretary when Lynne joined, and as stated above, the club was run from their agents office in London.  Their agent was Dorothy Solomon.  After Pat stepped down around 1974, a lady called Jenny Pickering took over although she didn't run the club for very long.  An old friend of Lynne's, Linda Keane, took over when Jenny left the club from 1978.  Linda was a big John Stokes fan.

Nobody saw John Stokes for years after the original group, which included Con and Dec, parted company in 1984.  It was not until about 1994 when John turned up again on the scene with his group called The Bachelors.
It was then things became a bit awkward for Linda, due to a conflict of interest, as she was a big fan of John's.  It was at this time that she decided to hand the club over to Lynne Hayes, the current secretary, in late 1997.  Sadly Linda Keane died in 2003.
Left to right:
Lynne Hayes, Linda Keane & Kathy Thistlewaite.
London, Victoria July 2003
Maureen Pledger from Wigan, was Lynnes co-secretary for a while, but she dropped out about 2 years afterwards due to family commitments.  Since then, Lynne has made a great job of running the club on her own.
In the earlier years, "the swinging 60's", the club members had big "Get Togethers" each year during the 60's, and those meetings would be held in theatres.  There were so many members then that they filled the auditorium.
Con showed Lynne pictures of such a "Get Together" with the boy's on stage, and the club members sitting in the auditorium.
Con & Dec 
 Potters Bar 1999
John Leyland has been a "number one fan" since the word go.  He has been in the club since 1966 and became an honorary member due to the help that he has given Con & Dec with different projects in the past.  He claims to know more about the boys than they do themselves, and they agree with that!   "Quote from Jon"
"I've been a lucky person in respect of being around the boys since the very early days and seen countless live theatre shows, been to TV and Radio show recordings and been an invited guest to studio recordings with the original trio and during the Peter Phipps period. It would be fair to say that I probably have the most comprehensive collection of their recorded music, numbering some 300+ LP's and 45's from over 20 countries worldwide!"
Jon & Con in Blackpool October 2004.
If you would like to contact Jon with regards to any information about "The Bachelors" send him an e:mail to:
The club had a big Get Together in 1983 to celebrate the boys 21st year as "The Bachelors".  That was held in Blackpool.  Lynne then arranged a get together in Fareham in 2002 to celebrate their 40th year as "The Bachelors", and a cake was also made for them for this milestone in their showbiz career. 
 40th Anniversary in show business, a great achievement
  Too good to eat!!!
Let's hope they will still be about in 2012 to celebrate their 50th year!!!!  
At the present time there are 90 stalwart members, including one from America.  So we are officially "International". 
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